Hello, we are a small family-owned company, and we are super passionate in outdoor family cooking of healthy and delicious food!

Our business started with a huge love for outdoor cooking. And we would happily love to share with you our line of products which we use in our daily life.
Additionally sharing our most delicious and favourite recipes and life hacks with you.

We are sure that cooking in our tandoors is one of the most enjoyable, family friendly and delightful way to spend your time outdoors.
You'll make many unforgettable memories and the happy moments while cooking outdoors in your tandoor.


Our team is working hard on expanding the variety of our products based on the suggesions and feedback of our customers every single day.

we really appreciate and care about our customers' needs, and do the most possible for anyone shopping with us to recieve 5-star satisfaction from the purchase of our products.

Best Regards,

Myra Z.

BestTandoor team